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OK I still haven’t gotten around to actively contributing, or even learning how to use my WordPress account or blog.

The blog I’ve been keeping up to date is called Through Balanda Eyes it’s HERE

If you’re looking for something specific you’re not likely to find it in my blog. The blog contains general reflections and uninformed rants on issues of interest to me at the time of writing… and stuff about bikes.




Checking it out…. WP

So some time ago in history back I started a WordPress account because I needed one to comment on a friends blog or subscribe or something like that.

I made a half arsed attempt at starting a blog, got bored or frustrated or just ran out of oomph and there it remained. As the story goes for so many aspiring ranters…

So in the age of social media where words are perverted into dualistic metaphor for the complete opposite of what they do…. i.e. antisocial tunnel vision…. I am having a go at using the WP platform for blogging… Yes blogging! The ancient process of journaling the interesting or mundane stuff of life into the electronic metadatasphere of online voyeuristic browsing for people who still actually like to read the actual thoughts of others rather than being transfixed by the plethora of duplicated memesitic trash bumped up to the world via fb!

(hahaha) See I can write anything I like here and unless you actually choose to read it you will never even know it exists! It won’t be broadcast into your news feed, it won’t pop up as an event or spoil your day in any possible way… unless you choose to find it.

Ohhh OK, so what this is about is bikes again.

There’s plenty I could write about bikes but I just thought I’d post a picture of my latest acquisition because:

1 to figure out how to post pictures on WP and

2 because it’s bike related.

The feature bike of today’s post is the Malvern Star – Family Star bicycle circa 1970’s

I found this bike in the cyclone cleanup pile this morning and had to take it home. One of the dorkiest and least popular bikes in existence in the 1980’s but today, considered surprisingly cool by the hipster know-it-alls. It’s what was known as a Uni Sex bike, but in the Macho 70’s and slow to catch onto genderbending 80’s (in Australia) this bike remained purely for old ladies and kids with no friends. Well I like it! And for a bike which is over 30 years old it’s still in working order!